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Bergamot syrup


There are certain things I simply can’t resist. Among them many unusual seasonal delicacies. Bergamot fruit. Just say it. It almost sounds like music. And it looks like sunshine in the midst of winter. Bergamot is a fragrant fruit the size of a small orange, with a yellow/orange colour. The juice tastes less sour than […]

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Gluten free and grain free honey granola

Finally winter has arrived in Gothenburg. After months of mild and rainy weather the freezing cold northern winds let us know that winter is here. For sure. And I love it. I love putting on my warmest winter coat and my coziest woolen shawl and step outside to feel the cold grabbing my cheeks and […]

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Inspiration from Austria – Homemade vegetable broth with buckwheat pancakes

Homemade vegetable broth with buckwheat pancakes :: Photographed and styled by Sonja Dahlgren

I hope you had a good start to the new year. Isn’t it a nice thought that at the beginning of a new year everything is allowed to start fresh and you can let yourself forget about past mistakes and sorrows and just start anew? We just got back from a week of skiing in […]

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