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A cold cucumber soup :: Sonja Dahlgren

Find the recipe for this cold cucumber yoghurt soup here

Hi everyone! As you probably know (if you’ve been with me since the start) I have been blogging here since 2011. When I first started Dagmar’s Kitchen, it was a creative outlet for me, where I got to play with produce and ingredients + styling and photography to create recipes and food photography. And when I got more and more into “healthy” foods, this blog turned into an experimental place where I had fun with alternatives to refined sugar, healthier flour options (GF + paleo baking etc.) and, even if I’ve never completely cut out meat or seafood from my diet, the recipes were always plant based (although not always 100% vegetarian).

However, the past year I have felt a lack of purpose with my blog posts here. Often feeling like they were “just another healthy food blog post” – like I had nothing to contribute to the health scene. I had no specific focus, goal or theme (except for the “health” theme) and I think that was what killed my creativity and sense of purpose.

That lead me into the decision to stop blogging here, and to start fresh over at my main website. And it feels so good to finally have made the decision! I also promised myself to lower my standards and post simpler posts with less text, not just recipes (but also beauty, fitness and other things that I like) and more often. I think this way, it’ll be more fun!

The new blog will also have a whole new focus – PMS. Nono, don’t worry – it will still be for you if you like healthy and delicious food! But, what does PMS have to do with a food blog anyway? Well, as it turns out, it has a lot to do with food…

Read more over at MY NEW BLOG! I hope you’ll make the move with me.

And thank you ever so much for over five years of reading and commenting here – it means a lot to me!