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Spelt & almond pancake mess with maple & vanilla caramelized apples

Is there anything more satisfying and comforting than pancakes? And is there possibly a more widely loved and appreciated dish than pancakes in the entire world? There are probably endless pancake recipes in every country and every culture, and the variations are infinite… What’s your favorite pancake type? In our family we have pancakes at […]

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Buckwheat & quinoa porridge with vanilla and cardamom


As the weather gets chillier and days get shorter, I start craving for warm breakfasts. Fried or scrambled eggs, omelette or porridge are my favorites. It is so comforting to have a bowl of warm goodness in front of you, to light a candle in the window and just wait for the day to start. […]

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Layered yoghurt jars with homemade almond butter & oat granola

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to make something quick, beautiful and delicious out of very few simple ingredients. Right? Especially on a Monday. I mean – raise your hand if you too frequently have granola for dinner? Or lunch? Let’s just admit it, we simply don’t have the time to cook fancy dishes […]

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Five seeds flatbread with avocado, sweet potato and smokey tahini dressing (gluten free, vegan, paleo)

I haven’t posted a bread recipe in a while now, which might make you think we don’t like bread or don’t eat bread very often. We absolutely do, but most weeks I don’t put bread baking high on my list of prioritizations. I love to have a Danish rye bread or some kind of sour […]

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Hello again and a simple toast with figs and blackberries

Hello! Just wanted to pop by and say hi after a long summer break to let you know I’m still here. We’ve had a lovely summer, spending time both at home and away – this time in Austria and Italy. I hope you had a fabulous summer too? In case you follow me on Instagram […]

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