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Hot Protein Chocolate

More cold days call for more hot chocolate, and here’s a protein twist to get you through the coldest month. January is all about snuggling up on the sofa, drinking hot drinks and getting cozy right? And I think we absolutely should do that. Often. That said, it doesn’t have to mean unhealthy options every […]

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Strawberry, hibiscus and watermelon ice pops and A rhubarb hibiscus cocktail


I am sure that those of you who celebrate Midsummer feast (mainly in the Scandinavian countries – am I right?) are all set with your pickled herrings, new potatoes, elderflower cordials and strawberry cakes by now. Right? We will be celebrating Midsummer eve tomorrow with friends in Falkenberg, a bit south from Gothenburg, and the […]

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A juice-detox, a creamy avocado smoothie and a fresh spring salad with poached cod

Friends often ask me if I always eat as healthily as it appears on the blog. And my answer is no. I’ve tried an array of “healthy” flours, good fats, natural sweeteners and “odd” vegetables. And overall my diet is a healthy one with almost entirely organic whole foods, nuts, seeds, fish & seafood and […]

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Bergamot syrup


There are certain things I simply can’t resist. Among them many unusual seasonal delicacies. Bergamot fruit. Just say it. It almost sounds like music. And it looks like sunshine in the midst of winter. Bergamot is a fragrant fruit the size of a small orange, with a yellow/orange colour. The juice tastes less sour than […]

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Flädersaft och Smoothieglassarna som förvandlade mig till världens bästa mamma…

Du har väl inte missat att flädern blommar för fullt runt om i landet nu? På sina ställen kanske den till och med är överblommad redan. Och missa då för allt i världen inte att plocka in några blommor och gör lite saft. Det enda du behöver är fläderblommor, citroner, socker och vatten. Och i […]

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