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Lukewarm Summer Salad with Roasted New Potatoes and Dijon Dressing

This post is sponsored by GastroMax and as always, photos and words by me. I love the month of May and knowing that we have it all in front of us. The summer, the long days and the lovely fresh produce that we can only get during a short period of time each year. Like […]

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Young carrots with dill yoghurt and toasted cumin

This post is sponsored by Åhléns and as always, photos and words by me. A while ago I was asked by Åhléns (Swedish department store chain) to share a recipe on the theme “Alla länders land”, meaning “The country of all countries”. If you’ve ever been to Sweden (or Scandinavia) you know that we hold […]

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White bean dip with ramps and chili

Ramps season is finally on again. And the other day, on my morning walk in the woods nearby, I found the first green fragrant ramp leaves peeking up towards the sky. Ramps (or wild garlic , or ramsons) with their unique flavor, reminiscent of garlic, leeks and chives, is perfect for dip sauces, pestos and […]

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Brown rice noodles with wild garlic pesto, asparagus and soft goats cheese

Spring has finally arrived here in Gothenburg and even if it’s still a bit chilly, the temperature is starting to rise. Little by little every day now. Undoubtedly spring is the time for asparagus and wild garlic, and this comforting noodle dish has become one my favorite easy recipes for those April days when there […]

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Strawberry, hibiscus and watermelon ice pops and A rhubarb hibiscus cocktail


I am sure that those of you who celebrate Midsummer feast (mainly in the Scandinavian countries – am I right?) are all set with your pickled herrings, new potatoes, elderflower cordials and strawberry cakes by now. Right? We will be celebrating Midsummer eve tomorrow with friends in Falkenberg, a bit south from Gothenburg, and the […]

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