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Super scrumptious raw brownies + heavenly homemade almond butter

I was going to write something about how summer’s drawing to a close. The warm Indian summer days we’ve enjoyed lately and about all the beautiful ripe produce that is available right now. The wonderful smell from the apples in our garden, the huge juicy blackberries on our breakfast yoghurt and so on… But I […]

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Gluten free double chocolate brownies with salted fudge frosting

There’s something about chocolate that makes people go crazy. Myself included. When I was little and started baking it was always chocolate balls made with rolled oats, butter, sugar and cacao. Then I went on to more proper baking like marbled cake, chewy chocolate muffins and nutty chocolate squares. In fact most recipes I can […]

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Chocolate chunk brownies med saltad fudgeglasyr & pistagenötter

Nästan varje dag när Tuva kommer hem från skolan (ofta redan i bilen på väg hem) frågar hon: – Mamma, finns det något smarrigt att äta? Med “smarrigt” avses alltid när det är hon som frågar något chokladigt, krämigt och smörigt. Hon älskar om det till exempel finns överbliven chokladglasyr eller ganache att slicka ur […]

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